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Expotrailers production excellence is founded on sturdy engineering principles, high quality, longevity and reliability being the company’s underlying values.

These values ensure that all trailers inclusive the Expotrailers name are manufactured to the highest standards. The success of this approach manifests itself not only in the increasing number of new customers for Expotrailers, but also in the increasing numbers of customers who return with repeat orders.Quality Semi Trailer Production for sale expotrailers company ltd.

Expotrailers’ high-quality trailers in addition to producing the latest technology in the development of products.

Since 2009, Expotrailers manifactures the demanded semi trailer and spare part products with expert engenieers at 4 of equipped factories for its customers. As one of the leading companies concerning production and exportation, Expotrailers’ fundamendalprinciple is customer satisfaction. In addition to its key position in Turkey, it also offers its services in Russia, Middle East, African countries and in many other regions. If you are looking for fast and reliable solutions to your demands. We are here for you.

Products/Services: Semi Trailer, lowbed trailer, tanker trailer, tipper trailer, hardox tipper, cement trailer, bulk trailers, flatbed trailer

Brand : Expo Semi Trailers
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Company : Expotrailers
Address : Ornek Sanayi Sitesi 3. Cadde No:18 Ostim Ankara/Turkey
Country : City : Ankara
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